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What oversight agency/organization oversees County Justice of the Peace in Texas?

Mckinney, TX |

I received a speeding ticket 2 years ago. The court sent me correspondence to an incorrect mailing address (their fault, not mine). I have called them at leat 8 times trying to get information and now they say it is too late for me to take traffic school for the ticket. They tell me that it is too late because the ticket is over 2 years old. When I explain to them that it is because I didn't receive correspondence because they had the wrong number, they then say I should have tried calling them. I then tell them that I have called them several times at which time they say they will terminate my call because they have answered my questions and provided my options. There are several other issues I've had and want to know what oversight group I can contact about my problem.

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What you need to do is get yourself an attorney because if you never dealt with the ticket, there may be a warrant out there for you.

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Judges in Texas are overseen in a very loose and general way by the Texas Judicial Qualifications Commission. That body has the power to discipline or even remove from office judges who behave in an unethical way, meaning judges who violate the official rules of ethics for judges in Texas. However, even if a defendant succeeds in getting the commission to remove a judge based on an ethical violation, the defendant's case does not go away.

You really do need to speak with a lawyer in the area of the state where you have this ticket. While some lawyers concentrate on tickets, any good criminal defense lawyer can at least give you advice based on the details of your situation about what is the best way to address this matter.

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I agree with my colleague, you need to be concerned about whether or not a warrant has issued. Justice of the Peace (or JPs) are not required to be lawyers and therefore they are not courts of record. You do need to hire an attorney, which could be costly in comparison to the amount you may owe to just pay the whole thing off. However, your attorney may consider attacking the conviction on lack of notice and due process and ask that the judgement be set aside. The written instrument that the attorney may be limited to a writ of habeas, because your right to appeal the judgment may have already passed if a judgement of conviction has already been entered and 10-30 days has passed.

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