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What outcome is probable with 4 charges of b&e felony with larceny after break/enter, safecracking, and felony larceny?

Raleigh, NC |

All of the charges are going to district court at the same time except for the felony larceny. The felony larceny was continued until after the other charges. I also have a codefendant. While I have been in county jail, I received 36 months probation for a dui that was ongoing from over a year ago. The county I live in is a deferred county. My previous record consists of 3 drug charges all misdemeanors and the last one was in 2008. I have a court appointed lawyer who I have spoken to twice since my first court date 2 months ago. At my last court date, that was continued, he never came to speak with my family or myself. He told me he would have me on probation or out on house arrest by now. I have no idea what is going on or what is to be expected and I have a family to support.

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Contact the Public Defenders Office in your county to inquiry about your appointed counsel. Have your family make an office visit on your behalf. Another option is to hire retained counsel. However, the most effective way to handle misdemeanors with a felony is to try to get a global resolution if you are taking a plea deal. Moreover, the outcome will be different if you decide to take the matters to trial. In order to have guidance on your probable outcome, many things have to be considered. I suggest you contact the PDs Office immediately. Good Luck!

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