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What other way can i serve my abusive ex divorce papers in a dif state?

Phoenix, AZ |

I want to divorce my abusive husband already but he wont give me an address to serve him the papers. He wants to let everything drag out till he says its gonna happen. We do have a daughter together but he hasnt seen her nor does he seem to care, hasnt sent her anything or talked to her for over a year. I have all my paperwork but dont know how i can serve him if i dont have an address and he refuses to give me one. I heard i can post it in the newspaper where he lives, is that true? Please let me know, thank you so much.

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What you are referring to is service by publication, which is only appropriate if you can absolutely not serve the other party. Most process serving companies have an ability to run a "skip trace" based on a person's name, last address, or social security number. Typically, doing this "skip trace" will return the person's most current address. Then the process serving company will find your husband to personally serve him the papers. If after these attempts you can still not locate your husband, service by publication may be appropriate.

My recommendation would be that you obtain a free consultation from a family law attorney to review your case before taking action.

Good luck!

Judd S. Nemiro
Law Offices of Judd S. Nemiro, PLLC

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