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What other requirements other than documents for a chapter 7 bankruptcy are needed?

Palm Coast, FL |

I've finished filing out my bankruptcy chapter 7 case. I see there needs to be a mailing matrix, and a disk containing creditors? I just want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before submitting.

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Your question of what else is needed presumes we know what you have completed, what you need to complete based on your specific situation, and whether the documents have been prepared correctly and accurately.


Not sure what your other documents consist of, but there is a helpful "checklist" available on the Southern District Bankruptcy Court website. Go to, then to Guidelines, where you will find several helpful memos.

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Clerk's website for your bankruptcy court where you'll filing is the best resource.

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The Middle District website is a great resource: You may also want to consider having an office consultation with a bankrutpcy attorney to review the forms you have completed. Filing incomplete or inadequate forms could cause your case be dismissed and you might have to re-file (and re-pay the filing fee). Most attorneys charge a relatively small fee for a consultation. (generally $200 or less) It could be money well-spent. Good luck!


I assume that you have also completed and obtained a credit counseling certificate from an approved agency, which will also be filed. Remember to keep any pay stubs and bank statements received after the filing should the trustee require them. Also, if you are filing pro se, be sure and go to the creditor's meeting early with your social security card and photo ID and the trustee may have a questionnaire for you to complete. Trustees may scrutinize a pro se case closer than other cases filed by attorneys so you want to be very careful to fully disclose and be willing to amend any documents that the trustee suggests you amend. Good Luck!



Thank you so much, this brightens my day. I'm highly confident that I can file pro se, that was all I needed to hear.

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