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WHAT my option to pay medical bills ?

Spartanburg, SC |

i been in an accented where i been injured and hospitalized , the medical bills is 60s $ the settlement for me was one hundred thousand $ , the lawyer took 30 $ , if i will bay my medical in full that will leave me with 10 k known that i will not work tell 1 year from physical injury that i get , the money now in the trust bank , can i put the bills on payment ?

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In personal injury cases, the medical bills are usually negotiated by your attorney before any money is distributed to you. Often these bills are discounted for a lump sum of cash. So the scenario you describe is unusual & I would suggest discussing with your pi attorney. Hope this perspective helps!


The money is in trust because the lawyer is likely negotiating with the hospital and doctors to lower the bills. Once he or she gets those lowered you will get the remainder. Call you lawyer and ask if he/she is negotiating the bills for you.


Hopefully your attorney is working to try to negotiate your bills bills down so you get more money. You should cal them and ask what the hold up is.


It is always best to wait to sign the release until the lawyer has negotiated the medical bills down to 5-10 cents on the dollar.

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