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What must one do, after you've retain a attorney who's seems avoiding providing your file copies or signed retainer agreement?

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Tells you they can drop you for any reason and keep all your money? I have nothing to hide from attorney. This is only about a divorce and custody, and my spouse in violation of a court order. Its now going on two months without any further contact or updates

Will emailing my concerns work just as good rather than paper. What if I can't afford another attorney due to all my money sits in his hands

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Put in writing that you would like to talk to this attorney and specifically state your concerns. If this gets you no where look on this site for another attorney and see if you can get a free consultation.


Boy! This is the biggest complaint I hear about family law attorneys. You are entitled to a copy of your retainer agreement, you are entitled to a bill (showing what is going on with your account) and may request one once a month if the attorney does not bill on a regular basis. You are also entitled to the attorney of your choice. I always recommend that you pick one who will speak to you!

You are also entitled to dispute the fee that you’ve been charged. Most local bar associations have an attorney-client fee dispute mechanism/program for this. Consult your local bar association.

I understand that you feel a bit at the mercy of your attorney. If you want to fire the attorney, do it in writing and demand a refund of your retainer, along with your original file.

Best of luck to you.

Attorney Rebekah Ryan Main

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Thanks, great answer

Rebekah Ryan Main

Rebekah Ryan Main


You're very welcome. Good luck.


I would suggest a certified letter will be more likely to get a response if prior emails have failed. The lawyer should not tell you that he can keep your money if he does nothing, because you would no doubt file a fee dispute at that point and may be successful.

If he continues to fail to communicate, I would suggest a complaint to the disciplinary board.

I am sorry you are having this experience.

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