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What motions, laws, or rules can I use to help me in trial?

Parsons, KS |

I am bein falsely accused of attempted murder. I have a pro-bono lawyer that is not putting any effort into helping me and I don't have any money to hire a lawyer. I am wondering if there are an motions, laws, or rules I can use to help me win my trial. I will do the research on anything you can give me the name of. Thank you so much for your help.

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You may do a lot of things if you are a trained and licensed legal practitioner. But realize that an attempted murder trial is not a game of poker for 20 bucks, your future and freedom are on the line.
Also, I do not know one singular person who would represent himself/herself pro se in a criminal case of attempted murder. I have not known or heard of such case like that. But again, one cannot know everything.
Now, what may be done. "I have a pro-bono lawyer that is not putting any effort into helping me and I don't have any money to hire a lawyer." If you feel that your appointed counsel does not represent your interests properly, you may request the court to appoint another Public Defender, provided you cite legitimate grounds for such request, i.e. breakdown in communication, failure to inform, etc.
Other than that, with such a grave criminal pending charge one definitely must have a good legal representation, either appointed or retained.

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I tend to agree completely with Attorney Ivakhnenko. To quote Abraham Lincoln "He who represents himself has a fool for a client". If you feel your public defender isn't representing you adequately, then you can request the court appoint different counsel. I would recommend doing this as quickly as possible.

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