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What major factors will a judge consider to overturn sentencing and reinstate original plea agreement or alternative sentence?

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can anyone give me some compelling mitigating circumstances or reason that may have a judge overturn their sentence and reinstate the original plea agreement or alternative sentencing so that he may continue to get the medical treatment he needs as to prevent life altering or permanent painful,physical damage to the spine/neck.back area that without continuing his treatment with the specialist could alter his way of life. he is only 35 years old with a 12 year old son. he had no time to get his affairs or medical issues taken care of considering he will be gone for a lengthy amount of time. he was just sentenced may 9, transfered to high desert last week. what steps can we take to overturn the sentence ,how long will it take, and I need a willing, bad ass attorney

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Overturning a sentence would require new evidence that exonerates the defendant. It is very very unlikely that a judge will grant a withdrawal of a plea bargain or overturn a jury verdict. I don't know about bad ass attorneys, but honest attorneys will tell you not to waste your money 99% of the time.

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