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What legal stand if any, do I have and who would be at fault, myself, the tenants, or the owner? I have lost everything.

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I was a property manager. I lived in a garage converted into a mother-in-laws apt. Long story short, the building dept was called by the new tenants that lived in the main house. The bldg dept deemed my home unsafe to live in, but I could still store my things and work in the daytime, just not over night. In the meantime, the new tenants stole all of my things, when I told the owner, he said get a police report then he would evict them, another broken promise. I got the police report and now he says that some new developments have surfaced and no eviction. The owner was also missing for 19 months, turning of the electric and because of the what the tenants have said he told them 2go into my apt. Illegally evicting me. The owner couldn't be found, leaving me in charge. I did nothing wrong.

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Legal fault for theft would fall to the thieves. I suppose if you could prove that the landlord told the tenants to steal your property (seems unlikely) then he could be responsible as well.

If you can show that your property was, in fact, stolen by the tenants, you could pursue a claim for civil theft and potentially get a judgment for three times the value of the stolen property plus attorney fees and costs.

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