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What legal rights do we have ?

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My husband is self employed & is contracted with a company. In Oct of last yr, contents (Asphalt) spilled out of his trailer ( Which he leases from this company) onto the scales. This was no fault of my husband as the trailers pipe broke & the gate opened up causing the contents to spill out. So, the company fined my husband $ 1,000 for dumping on the scales, however, it was their trailer that broke causing the spillage. Yet, they have fined my husband stating the cost is passed over to the driver. This company recognized the trailer broke because they exchanged the trailer out & provided a different trailer to my husband. We have sent pictures to the company of the broken trailer, several emails arguing our case to no avail. What can we do so we don't lose our very hard earned money....

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This is a contracts question, not an employment question, and I have shared your post with the contracts forum on Avvo so more attorneys who practice in this area may see your question.

The terms of your husband's agreement with the company will determine the conditions under which he or the company is responsible for losses. If the contract is silent, then a court will try to determine the intent of the parties. There is over a century of case law to consider, so your husband probably needs legal advice, and that advice may cost him more than the $1,000 loss. That said, if your husband is no longer interested in working with this company and he believes the company did not have the right to deduct $1,000 from his payment, he can file a claim in small claims court for the $1,000 underpayment. Many small claims courts have a small claims advisor who can help a claimant prepare his or her case.

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You should consult with an attorney who handles breach of contract issues / business litigation.

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I agree that this is primarily a breach of contract issue, but there are also employment / independent contractor / master-servant / agent issues. You should consult with an employment attorney who handles contract litigation or a business litigator familiar with employment issues.

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I agree with Ms. North who said "there are also employment / independent contractor / master-servant / agent issues. You should consult with an employment attorney who handles contract litigation." Look around and see if there is a competent lawyer who will give your husband a free consultation to determine your husband's rights. Be prepared to fully describe the relationship between the company and your husband and all of the duties, rules, hours and expectations your husband is required by the company to abide by. This will help the lawyer to determine the rights and responsibilities between the company and your husband. Good luck.

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