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What legal recourse is there against a police officer who makes an intentionally false statement in a police report?

Hillsborough, NC |

Officer D. Nash of the Hillsborough, North Carolina police department slammed me against a brick wall and injured me under the pretense of "arresting" me. He then claimed in the citation he wrote that I had "approached" him "aggressively", which was a lie and a cover up for his own violent actions. The underlying charge based on the citation was dismissed presumably for lack of evidence since he couldn't remember in court what he wrote on the citation, and so he ended up contradicting his own previous version of events. However, the magistrate had also charged me with two additional charges based at least in part on Nash's lies. These charges stuck and have been appealed to Superior Court, but I am wondering what causes of action I have against Nash and against the city and state.

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Talk to a civil rights attorney who has successfully sued police officers and police departments who, after dvaluating all the reports and evidence can tell you whether you have a case worth pursuing.