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What legal documentation do i need to recognize transfer of dog ownership?

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I am adopting a dog from somebody and I want to obtain legal rights to the dog. Some sort of document to acknowledge the transfer of ownership in the event that the current owner wants the dog back. Would a notarized letter suffice? If so what steps should i take?

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Is this an adoption from an adoption agency or rescue? If so, they should provide the forms to you. However, keep in mind that many adoption/rescues require that they have the right of first refusal, meaning that if you can no longer keep the dog you have to give them the option of taking the dog back first before you can give/sell him to someone else, and/or maintain the right to take the dog back in the case of abuse, mistreatment, or violation of the terms of the contract.

If this is from a private person, then a letter, signed by both parties acknowledging that ownership is transferred to you, should suffice.

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