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What legal document can be filed w/ the St Louis County Family Court to get an appearance before the judge on back child support

Saint Louis, MO |

She had to take her ex to court for back child support. He was ordered to pay about $400 per month for about 1 year. He made the first few payments but is now about 5 months behind. The judge warned him that if he did not make the payments on time, he would hold him in contempt. What document can my wife file with the court to get back in front of the judge to get this resolved.

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Your wife will need to see an attorney, experience in these matters, to help her best address how to deal with the back child support. If she is receiving child support through the State of Missouri, they will have an accurate printout of how much is owed, and if there is a current garnishment in place. Also, if the amount progresses above a certain level, it becomes a criminal matter. If your wife wishes to proceed in the Family Court, she will need to file a Motion for Contempt and Order to Show Cause.