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What legal avenues can I take to best recover my losses?

Matawan, NJ |

My wife and I bought a home on 6/29/12. The A/C compressor unit broke on 7/31/12 and is only partially covered by Homeowner's Warranty of America insurance because the system is 23 years old. The entire system needs to be upgraded because of a lack of compatability between the outdoor compressor and the air handler in the attic.
The seller disclosure was falsified by saying it was 15 years old. My wife has a medical condition so AC was a huge issue for us. If we had known the unit was 23 years old we would have negotiated a better sale price or stipulated the AC unit be updated.
Any advice would be helpful. I have a much better letter to describe the situation but had to compress everything because of size constraints.

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You would have a tough case against the seller.

The Seller's Disclosure states that it provides information based on a the seller's "knowledge and belief" and expressly states that it is not a warranty of any system. Both the Sellers Disclosure and the typical Realtor® form contract provide that the Buyer is permitted to make inspections and demand repairs - but otherwise the home is sold "As Is". Thus, unless you can prove an actual fraud - i.e., an intentional lie as opposed to an incorrect guess as to the age of the unit - it is unlikely you can recover from the seller.

Did you have a pre-closing home inspection by a licensed home inspector?

What did your home inspection report state about the age and condition of the AC system?

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