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What legal actions can be taken against an individual that purchased and then resold

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What legal actions can be taken against an individual that purchased and then resold. (company policy states items bought with a company professional discount card can not be resold).

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an Action in Fraud, conversion and larceny could be brought.

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What can be done to the seller? Pay the company back? jail time?

Stuart M Nachbar

Stuart M Nachbar


I believe pending on what was converted, it could be both. Restitution would be at the lower end of the spectrum, while possible jail time, if criminal charge filed, at the higher end.


If you are the manager or owner of the company, cancel the credit card or discount card if it was charged to the company rather than merely used to secure a discount at Costco or BJ and the like, but paid for by the individual using his own credit/debit card.

Re-emphasize the policy, which should be contained in the Company's Employee Manual.

Seek repayment and/or consent to deduct the amount owed from the employee's next pay check.

Consider the value of this employee to the company and whether or not their are grounds to fire the employee based upon the actions of that employee. If you need to talk to an employment attorney, I can refer you to two or more.

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