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What legal action do we have with auto accident, not our fault, soft tissue injury to driver, insurance company not cooperating

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Landscaping company's truck backed up and crushed front end of our car, daughter suffered soft tissue injury. Truck driver apologized and admitted accident was his fault. FR-10 written up states our daughter did not contribute to the accident and the truck driver did. There was a witness who yelled at the truck driver stating he could have killed our daughter (dump truck had 8 yards of dirt). Truck driver's insurance co. will not do anything yet stating they have to have a statement from the witness. She has been unreachable and the officer who wrote up the report did not speak to her because truck driver admitted 100% fault. Insurance Co. says they will not fix car until they hear from witness and accident may be our daughter's fault. Accident occurred 05/08/13, Please advise.

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It sometimes takes longer than 1 week. Consult a local attorney use the free consultation

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You need to contact and consult with a local personal injury attorney. Go to the "find a lawyer" tab and look for a lawyer in your community.


You can contact one of the above lawyers in your state for representation.


I suggest you immediately consult with an attorney because despite the fact that there is clear liability, the insurance company will delay, delay, delay until you get an attorney to deal with them. Good luck.

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Harry Edward Hudson Jr

Harry Edward Hudson Jr


Mr. Derryberry is absolutely correct. The best way to deal with carriers who respond in this manner is to just sue the driver and his company.


Insurance companies are becoming more and more difficult to deal with. Hire a lawyer. The lawyer can arrange a telephone interview between your daughter and the adjuster.


This is a perfect example of why it's important to hire a personal injury lawyer to deal with the insurance company. Studies have shown that victims of car crashes who are represented by an attorney typically obtain settlements 3.5 times more than if they attempt to settle the case themsevles. Let the attorney do the work and deal with the insurance adjuster so you don't have to worrry about it.

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