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What legal action can I take if a future employer is contacting me personally outside of work for dating purposes?

Honolulu, HI |

I recently attended a job fair and was approached by a man who asked if I found what I was looking for. He told me about career opportunities available for the life insurance company he recruits for. After informing me about the job details and requirements he set up an interview for the following day. The conversation then led to him asking me if I surfed. I replied No and left shortly after.

After the enthusiastic interview of him telling me I have a God given gift and I would change the world, I left with my hopes high of possibly landing a position.

While at home, I received a call from the recruiter, stating he was calling for purposes not associated with the insurance company. He asked me on a date. I told him I was involved in a relationship and politely declined his offer.

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Attorney answers 1


It doesn't sound like a good legal claim - he wasn't your employer, he didn't appear to offer you a job, he clearly stated the purpose of the call was personal and there doesn't seem to have been an offer that if you do something with him that you would get a job.

While there are protections against harassment for applicants, it sounds like this man wanted a date and didn't mix work into it, even though you met him at a job fair. My analysis could change with other information, but based on what you wrote, I wouldn't accept such a case.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.