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What legal action can I take against a dealership and my estranged husband for notarizing my forged signature to buy a new truck

Sumner, WA |

My estranged husband forged my signature to release my interest in a joint owned truck. The auto dealership notarized that forged signature and my estranged husband was able to sell the truck and buy a new one. Our assets were frozen by the court till our divorce is settled. I received copies from the D.O.L. documenting the fraud. What are all the legal recourses can I take?

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You could report this as a crime to local law enforcement. You could potentially sue your husband and the dealership. And you could bring the matter up in the divorce proceeding and have the divorce court make your husband do something to compensate you. If you have an attorney for your divorce case, you should consult that attorney first before doing anything else. If you do not have an attorney for the divorce, you should get one immediately.


In addition to reporting the forged signature to the police, you might also report it to the DOL.