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What legal action can be taken to stop neighbor from property damage.

Corpus Christi, TX |

Have pictures of the damages-to include killing trees and shrubs, shooting holes in "No Trespassing" signs and trying to weaken the fence I put up to keep him off my property. Several confrontations have proven unsuccessful.

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You should first notify the local sheriff or police about the activity. This alone can deter future conduct. The advantage with this is that you get a police report that can be used later on if the conduct continues or if you file civil claims against your neighbor. Also, you may be able to get restitution for any damages through the criminal process. After going through the police route, if that does not resolve your issues, you should contact a real estate litigation attorney to discuss your options with proceeding civilly. However, take note that there is a 2 year limitations deadline for bringing civil claims for trespass or personal property damage.

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If it is beyond hope to have a civil relationship, file a police report, but keep in mind things may escalate and you may soon need a restraining order.