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What Lawyer can help with both, Military Law and Divorce?

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I have two big problems I need help with, but I am on little budget. My Ex filed for divorce, that got stopped because she is pregnant, her Baby is do any moment. This child is not mine. We have been separated for a while. I want to get the divorced finished and I want to make sure that I am not the assumed father. Next problem, I got myself in a little trouble. I am a Military Soldier and I may have to face an Article 15. What Lawyer can help? I can not afford 2 retainers for two different Lawyers. Please help. I want to finally get my live worked out good. I have 4 Children to support.

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Make an appointment with a Legal Assistance Attorney on post to assist you with the family law issues. The service is free- take advantage of it. Consult an experienced military law attorney for a consult regarding the Article 15. If you intend on staying in the Army, do not accept the Article 15 without speaking to an attorney first. Feel free to call me to discuss. The consultation is free.


Two retainers or one there will be costs. I would suggest seeing your base legal office. For the Article 15 you should be able to see Trial Defense Service Attorney

there may be options for the divorce. You may be able to work through the military pro bono project sponsored by the ABA..
Otherwise you can search here for attorneys...

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Go to TDS for the Article 15; find a local family law attorney for the family issues.


You can file for divorce in Texas based upon your wife's adultery. The Court will make a finding that you are not the child's father. As for the Article 15, I need more information.


You definitely want to take full advantage of free legal services provided by the military. I would start by calling the Legal Office at Fort Sam Houston. They have dedicated legal assistance attorneys. I would also contact a local attorney with military experience like Joe Esparza he was an attorney for the Air Force and will be able to provide a great perspective.


No matter how you look at it, there will be costs involved. You need to wight the costs of getting proper representation now vs. the costs of waiting, or doing nothing, which could be substantial. That being said, you have some no-cost options that you should take advantage of to get the baseline information. On the family law side, you can see a legal assistance attorney who can - at a minimum - point you in the right direction and let you know what your options are. Regarding your Article 15, you have the ability to see TDS, who can provide you advice and counsel on the Article 15.

If you are not satisfied with the advice you are given by them, or if the representation you need is outside the scope of their representation, you can seek civilian counsel. At least you will have know that you exhausted all of your free options.

Good luck.