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What laws regulate the use of copyright owned by minors in Florida?

Panama City, FL |

I've read that minors living in the us can hold copyright, but the laws that regulate the use of that copyright vary by state. What I want to know are the laws that regulate the use of copyright held by minors living in Florida.

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You don't need to be an adult, or someone living in the US, to own a copyright. As for "use," maybe you're referring to the age of majority, which can regulate someone's competency to enter into a contract or license, for examples. Minors are able to "disaffirm" a contract.

The age of majority does vary by state, and in FL, you have to be 18 to be considered an adult.

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Federal law governs use of copyrights. However, state law may sometimes come into play concerning whether minors can license or assign copyrights in their works to others. You should consult with a Florida copyright law expert on this issue, because it may require understanding of both Florida contract law as it relates to minors and copyright law. As a practical matter, anyone who wants to license a work created by a minor should get permission of both the minor and her parents.


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