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What law states that a government agency such as social security must supply you with correct information once you file a claim

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I am trying to find out regarding social security in specific or other government agencies, whereby a citizen files a claim regarding a combination of benefits to say social security , must social security in return advise the citizen of their full rights...meaning- if one right is dependent on another right being filed in advance otherwise the citizen will lose out on a specific benefit- is social security mandated by law (and by what law) to supply the correct information to the citizen...

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Sorry, but the question is lacking enough information to tell us what the issue is. Is there something you think they failed to tell you?

I will try and answer it this way. When SSA takes an application for something like disability benefits, they are supposed to have you file for any type of Social Security benefits for which you might be eligible. But, if they get information that is incorrect or incomplete, they cannot help. For example, if you apply for SS disability benefits and ask if you are married and you say no, but do not tell them your spouse died 4 years ago, then they may not suggest you file for SS widow's benefits. so they have obligations, but those obligations depend in large part on what they are told by you.

I hope that helps some. Best of luck to you.

The exact answers to questions like this require more information than presented. The answer(s) provided should be considered general information. The information provided by this is general advice, and is not legal advice. Viewing this information is not intended to create, and does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. It is intended to educate the reader and a more definite answer should be based on a consultation with a lawyer. You should not take any action that might affect your claim without first seeking the professional opinion of an attorney. You should consult an attorney who can can ask all the appropriate questions and give legal advice based on the exact facts of your situation. The general information provided here does not create an attorney-client relationship.


Social Security will give you information but not legal advice. For legal advice you may need to consult a lawyer.

This response is meant to be information only and should not be considered to be legal advice. This information is not meant and should not be construed to be the formation of an attorney client relationship. I practice Virginia Workers compensation law and Social Security Disability law.


I agree with my colleagues.

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