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What law can I cite when requesting a transcript of a recorded financial transaction over the phone where I was defrauded?

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I am disabled and am not able to use the telephone easily; therefore I can't recall the specific details of the initial telephone conversation I had with a satellite TV provider however I do remember I was sold services that were never delivered and which I entered into a contract for for 12 months. The agent promised the services and took my credit card details over the phone to initiate service. I can't remember our conversation word for word but I believe I was defrauded and would like a transcript of the conversation. Aren't these calls recorded? What law can I cite in my letter requesting this?

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Not all such calls are recorded. Recorded calls are not always reduced to a transcript. Contact the provider and ask them if they have the recording, if it was transcribed, and if they will provide you with a copy. They are not legally obligated to give you a copy and probably won't unless you get a court order or subpoena. You cannot get either without a lawsuit pending.

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