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What kind of will or documents does my mother need to prepare she is in the hospital

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my mother is in the hospital and will most likely not live much longer. she does not have a will at this time. her father died last month and the will that he left has not been dispersed to his children yet. she wants to make sure that my father, her husband and her children, myself and my brother receive what she is to get from this will if she doesnt make it that long. what exactly does she need to have filled out to make sure that her inheritance makes it where she wants it to go? is it just a regular will? where do we get this at?

Let me also add that we do not have any money at this time due to hospitals, medications, etc. Is there any one type of form that we could print offline somewhere and fill in the blanks?

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Your mother should establish an entire estate plan which may include a will, financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, advance directive, and disposition instructions. It may also be beneficial to provide a trust based estate plan to avoid probate.

I would strongly recommend that she retain an estate attorney. This is especially important if there are capacity issues or she is close to passing. If getting an attorney is not possible or feasible, at least get a credible book such as those available through Nolo publishing.

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