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What kind of time is one facing least to worse in the following situation:

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A guy was pulled over by the Police for speeding 20 miles over the speed limit going through Kentucky (Lives in Nashville) he use to be a Probation Office and still had the badge. The officer saw it and asked him if he was currently one and he said "yes" only to get out of the ticket. The officer called, found out he was lying and placed him under arrest for "impersonating a PO" not a Police Office but Probation Officer. The car was searched, there were two concealed handguns unloaded in their cases in the trunk, less than $200.00 worth of marajuna in the car and a scale. The girlfriend who was arrested too smaoked and used the scale went she bought for herself, not to sell. The guy was already on probation for a previous marajuna charge. What is he facing..

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It is difficult to say for sure because there are many factors that will affect the final outcome. The crime of impersonating a Peace Officer is a class D felony in Kentucky. A peace officer is defined as any member of a law enforcement agency, so probation would be included in that.

Class D felonies are punishable by one to five years in prison however this charge is frequently negotiated down to something else like disturbing the peace. He is likely going to do a little bit of time in county jail due to the fact that he was already on probation. If his record was totally clean I could see community service or a work program. Good luck.


I don't know what a CA attorney is doing opining on KY law. You should redirect your question to the KY forum so you'll get more than smoke blown from someone's *ss.

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