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What kind of time is my boyfriend possibly looking at if found guilty with 15 charges against him involving illegal drugs?

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He is looking at 5 charges of Manufacture, delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, 5 charges of Int Poss contr subst by a per not reg and 5 charges of criminal use of communication facility. Also it's possible if he doesn't take a deal of 5 to 10yrs charges of being in a school zone will be added and the total weight of crack cocaine is 14 grams...

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If all sales were in a school zone and he loses at trial he is facing 2 years on each and if run consecutive he is looking at 10-20. Each of the Communication facility charges do not merge for sentencing purposes so he could even get more time. The weight is a seperate issue and if any of the weight madatories are higher than the school zone they will go with that.

There is a lot going on in this case and you must get this man an attorney who regularly handles drug cases. Another issue is that one should not assume the drugs are actual drugs. You also need an attorney who understands the scientific aspects of drug testing and how to use science to defend against these charges.


Immediately get a lawyer for your boyfriend. Based on the charges he is facing serious time. It is impossible to answer this question with out more information. Get a lawyer.

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Thanks for the advice. There is a CI involved in the case also some of the marked money was found in his possesion, it's alot I know. I appreciate you taking the the time to offer some advice


There are many variables involved in sentencing. There are sentencing guidelines, which take into account the nature of the offense, and the prior record, if any. The weight of the drugs, being in a school zone raise the stakes for him. With multiple charges, some of which are felonies, there is also a question of whether the time will be concurrent (served at the same time) or consecutive.

His attorney should review the sentencing guidelines with him, so he will know what the consequences of his decision about the plea offer are. It isn't really possible to answer the question without a lot more information. He will also need to consider the strength of the prosecution's case against him.

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