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What kind of settlement am I intitled to with a closed head injury in a car accident

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There is no chart that says how much a broken arm is worth or how much a closed head injury is worth. Personal injury damages are a function of their effect on the life of the injury victim. For example, a broken leg would not have as harmful effect on my life, as a lawyer, as it would on the life of a ballerina or a pro soccer player. Their incomes and, to a large extent, their identities are intertwined with the health of their legs.

So, what effects on your life is your head injury having? If you can't say, then it is probably time for you to undergo an evaluation by a neuropyschologist who will put you through a battery of tests to assess your memory, cognitive skills, etc.

You'd better hope that you don't really have too many bad effects from this injury because your brain is your body's CEO; and you don't want a drunk captain running the ship. But, if you have suffered a brain injury, then you'd better be sure to get it thoroughly diagnosed and address it in your personal injury claim now because you only get one shot at your case. Make it count.

Good luck
Dennis Phillips
Florida personal injury lawyer


Hi. I am a Missouri auto accident and personal injury attorney that handles claims throughout the state. There are a wide range of factors that are determinative of what a closed head injury could be "worth" in a claim for compensation. First, and perhaps most determinative, is the extent of incapacitation due to the injury. Head injuries can result in a wide multitude of symptoms, from loss of muscle control in an isolated part of the body, to diminished cognitive and reasoning abilities, to loss of sensation or feeling in a part of the body. Second, though it may seem somewhat unfair, a person's life situation, such as what type of job they have, whether they are supporting children, and whether they routinely use the part of the body affected by the injury, is an important factor as well. In other words, to give an example, suppose a professional singer has a brain injury that affects his or her control of his or her voice. The injury would likely have greater value in a case for damages by a singer than in a case by a person who is, say, an auto mechanic, and does not rely on his voice as a critical element of his ability to do his job (though his voice is still important, no doubt).
With some additional details, including any other injuries you suffered, an estimate of the value of your case could likely be determined. My e-mail is Thanks.

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As I am licensed in Florida and Vermont, I cannot comment specifically on Missouri law. However, generally, the type of injury you describe can be serious. You may wish to review some of the Legal Guides I have published on which deal with brain injuries and also with the various elements of damages which may be involved in your claim.

No competent personal injury attorney would attempt to evaluate the settlement value of your case in this forum. There are many factors which go into assessing the value of a case. If you are married, your spouse also has a claim, separate from yours.

A closed head injury claim is not the type of claim which a layperson should attempt to evaluate.
I would respectfully suggest that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney in your area as soon as possible and have him or her review the factors in your case in detail and see whether or not the attorney can help you in obtaining fair value for your injury.

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