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What kind of sentence can I expect for a disorderly conduct while armed charge. Should I get a defense attorney?

Milwaukee, WI |

I was involved in a road rage incident where a guy was following extremely closely and beeping / swearing at me and flipping me off for about a mile. He was mad that I was driving too slow. I got out of my vehicle at a red light to find out what the deal was and to tell him to back off. We argued for a moment then he started to get out of his car. I pulled out a knife and said if he came at me I'd mess him up. We both returned to our vehicles Then he called the police. I was arrested and detained. I was given a referral to see the DA on charges of disorderly conduct while armed. I have two disorderly conduct charges on my record from 9 + years ago, nothing else aside from a traffic violation or two. I was very cooperative with the police. What type of charges can I expect? Attorney? Thanks

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It sounds like the Police were not sure whether to recommend that the D.A.'s office charge you with a crime. Instead, you were probably released, without being booked into the Jail, and "ordered in" to the D.A.'s office. It is, frankly, impossible to predict whether the D.A., after reviewing whatever reports the Police provide, will charge you with any offense or, if you are charged, exactly what the charge or charges will be. Going to the the D.A.'s Office, with a defense lawyer to speak for you, might help tip the balance in the D.A.'s mind in favor of not charging you if the D.A. thinks the decision is a "close call."

In your shoes, I would not mention any more details about the incident and, if I could afford it, would meet with and hire a criminal defense attorney now.


YES! Get an attorney!


No question here, contact local counsel and get yourself an attorney before going to any charging conference. You're fortunate in that you still have an opportunity to curb potential charges this early in the game.

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