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What kind of sentence am i looking at? and will this be one or two probation violations?

Virginia Beach, VA |

I recently received a ticket for driving on a suspended license. in feb 2012 i was given 5 years unsupervised probation in addition to a 10 day sentence plus 355 days in jail suspended. also in feb 2012 i was placed on 4 years unsupervised probation and sentenced to 90 days all suspended. with this new charge what should i expect. is an unsupervised probation violation likely in this situation and if so how long does it for the courts to issue it? will it be one violation or two? thank you so much

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You should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. From the looks of the situation, both suspended jail sentences are potentially in play. A good local defense attorney can give you an idea of how likely the Commonwealth is to pursue the suspended time, and if so how much time to expect if you are convicted. The first step is to determine if there is a defense for the new ticket, as this just may stop the ball from even starting to roll. Find a good attorney in your area.


I totally agree with the other answer. I'm a local attorney and would be happy to help you. Feel free to contact me at 757-554-0258.

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