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What kind of plea could my ex expect during her consultation docket for her 3rd dwi felony repitition case?

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Anything from probation to pen time. The first setting just gets the ball rolling. Her attorney will want to view the videos involved and review all the state's evidence before advising her whether to accept a plea offer or set the case for trial.

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Hopefully she should be told to get an attorney or, if she has one, to follow the directions of her attorney


That depends heavily on a lot of factors, but jail is a very real possibility. She should be consulting with her attorney, and if she doesn't have one, she needs one.

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She may not even get an offer on the first date. However, the attorneys are correct she could get a probation offer or pen time. The time period between the DWIs and the nature of the DWI will play a major role in her what will happen, as well as what she has done with regard to punishment for her last two DWIs. For example if her last two DWIs were in the last three years and she was on probation when getting this 3rd DWI, it is most likely that she will be going to jail. However, if the DWIs are more spread out and she has successfully completed her past probation, she may be able to get a probation. There are potentially other things that she might be able to do to help persuade the DA, Judge, or Jury to lean toward a probation. I'm sure you can discuss this with the attorney you will hire.

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