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What kind of parenting arrangement can non custodial parent get if my son is 2 and we are living out of state?

Nashville, TN |

Son was born in state of FL where non custodial parent filed for time sharing. Me and child live in Nashville. Son barely knows father. Domestic violence/restraint order history. He's delinquent in child support. What kind of arrangement can court set up if we can not mediate? What happens if I can not attend hearing? I have always agreed on open visitation with him and his son, But i do not feel safe around him personally given our history.

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"Son was born in state of FL where non custodial parent filed for time sharing." Does this mean there is an order from a court in Florida saying that this man is the dad and he gets certain visitation? Also were you ever married to dad and how long have you and child lived in Tennessee?

Depending on the answers to those questions and more you may have to file something in Florida to establish or modify or limit visitation, you may be able to file something in Nashville, TN to do the same or you may not have to do anything at all.

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