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What kind of lawyer should I get advice from?

Cambridge, MD |

I'm facing forecllosure on 2 properties and don't know if I would be better off to shortsale, let it forclose or file bankruptcy. One of the loans was a balloon note that was supposed to get refinanced and never did, and I believe bank cheated me out of my property. Wondering about a breach in the contract.

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Wow -- it sounds like you have a lot going on. Candidly, your circumstances with multiple properties and lender liability issues are probably not really amenable to really useful advice on a posting like this because the specific facts of you case are complicated. You would do well do consult ASAP with lawyer who does this type of work. Fortunately, almost everyone in this world of law practice will consult with you initially without charge or obligation. Whatever you do though, you want to get advice and make decisions sooner rather than later so that you preserve as many options as possible.

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Lawrence Roger Holzman

Lawrence Roger Holzman


oh -- your question was what type of lawyer to seek out. You definitely need to see an attorney who works with businesses and individuals on workouts, real estate matters, foreclosure and bankruptcy. Most bankruptcy attorneys are going to fall into this category -- though your case may have issues depending on the size of the loans and your income that will require more sophisticated planning that some consumer bankruptcy attorneys are comfortable with.


You should talk to a foreclosure/bankruptcy attorney immediately. You can call your local bar association or try a well known lawyer in your area. Even if they do not practice in that area they likely can provide you a good referral.

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