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What kind of lawyer do i need with this car loan situation? Can I get the car without having problems?

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I was a coborrower on a car. My name is on title but the borrower moved to a different state. He was paying for the car since he moved but today i find out that the payment that he made was returned because of invalid acct number. The car is 20 days delinquent and i dont want my credit to be affected. I'm willing to pay for the loan but I want to get the car. Is that possible? I tried contacting the borrower and his family but I wont get any proper response and that they are telling me is i dont need to text them. What action can i do and where and what kind of lawyer do i need about this situation? Trying my very best thanks for the response!

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I can understand your concern, but at the present you do not seem to have any tangible damages. If you choose to hire an attorney get one familiar with loan agreements and lending. I would just keep on top of the situation like you are doing and make sure the note gets paid before it will actually start affecting your credit. I would suggest you use the find a lawyer tab above to locate an attorney in your area. There are several attorneys who offer free initial consultations who will explain your legal rights. Good Luck.

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If you are a co-borrower, you should be able to deal with the lender directly.

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