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What kind of lawyer do I need to look for regarding property damage?

Bothell, WA |

A neighbors tree fell into my backyard (twice in 6 years); an arborist told me that i should get an attorney to send the guy a certified letter demanding some action as there trees in his property are enough to potentially cause damage to life---I am thinking i should look for a civil attorney but im not sure...thank you!!

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As a general rule, the owner of tree is responsible for any damage caused by that tree to neighboring property owners, whether that is is caused by falling branches that damage structures above ground, or roots that cause damage below ground, such as blocking side sewer lines. There is no criminal law imposing that responsibility, however. If a neighbor's property has been damaged by a tree, or is under threat of damage, is up to that neighbor to enforce his rights in a civil lawsuit.


Mr. Daudt is being way too modest. He's a skilled litigator and could help you with this.
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