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What kind of lawyer do i need to file suit against state entities?

Coos Bay, OR |

my son was falsely accused by a state facility and a former girlfriend, was denied to see his children by child protective services, because of other details against him he committed suicide. after lying in my back yard for 10 hours the state police proceeded to fire 8-12 canisters of tear gas into my home destroying several windows, furniture, etc. it is now uninhabitable. my home owners insurance is covering the material items but they also shot my son after they found him. the coroner verified he was dead for at least 10 hours.

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A warning to you: suits against government entities are very difficult to win. The legal doctrine of sovereign immunity protects state agents from lawsuits for actions undertaken in the course of their duties, unless they act outside the scope of their duties. Just getting it wrong doesn't count.

You can call the Oregon State Bar's Lawyer Referral Service for a free referral at 503-684-3763. Ask for a lawyer in your area who specializes in plaintiff's rights or actions against the police. You live in a relatively rural area, so you might have to go beyond your referral zone, and ask for a lawyer in another part of the state.

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thank you for your time however you did not answer my question as to what type of lawyer do I need to find?

Jay Bodzin

Jay Bodzin


Begging your pardon, but I did: you need a lawyer who specializes in plaintiff's rights or actions against the police. Those are categories that the Lawyer Referral Service uses. I'm not sure how else to answer.


Dear Grieving in Coos Bay,

I'm sorry for your loss. Although it is great that so many attorneys are willing to offer free help on this website, sometimes, our answers are not thoroughly researched or well considered.

You need to contact an attorney who has sued government bodies before. There are state and federal laws that provide legal rights to sue, including "Section 1983" and the Oregon Tort Claims Act. There are strict time limitations. It sounds like you have several potential claims with different time limitations. Some of the claims will require action within 180 days of the property damage.

Don't be discouraged by the prior answer. Find a lawyer. Perhaps you can find a good civil rights attorney in Eugene.

Good luck.

Jeff Merrick, Oregon Trial Attorney
Personal Injury & Employment Law 503-665-4234

The above is not legal advice. I cannot give you sound advice without knowing more information. It is intended to raise some issues for you to discuss with your own lawyer.