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What kind of lawyer do i need?

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My school counselor messed up my credits and didn't give me the proper classes i need to graduate , due to her mistakes i had to go to an after school program from 4 - pm at another school which has really caused me to stress emotionally ! I am 35 weeks pregnant and i am very fatigued from having to travel to this night school and having to walk home late at night by myself . One of my teachers in night school told me to talk to a lawyer that i have a pretty good case , my counselors at fault for not doing her job correctly . What kind of lawyer do I need to talk to ? I will give more details on my case this is just a brief summary .

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I assume you went to a public highschool. If so, you had to file notice with the school district within 90 days of the alleged wrongdoing. You may apply late with Supreme Court permission if you have a case and there is no prejudice to the district, as they are responsible for the counselor. You may get an extension for infancy up to the time you turned 18, if you were not 18 when the wrongdoing occurred. Consult a tort attorney or and eduation attorney. Of course, this all assumes there is a cause of action for the bad advice/bad scheduling.

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FYI, don't put too much stock in the teacher's advice about what makes a good case. Odds are you have no case, as you likely signed paperwork at some point that explained the onus is on YOU to ensure you are meeting requirements for graduation. But its worth a chat with the right kind of attorney and I wish you all the luck in the world (wait until after the happy event before you try to pick this matter up).

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Actually I'm pretty sure I haven't signed no "Onus" I'm a HIGHSCHOOL student I don't get paid to make sure I have all the required credits needed to graduate. That's what my counselor gets paid for. Other counselors and teachers that i've talked to regarding this matter have told me that it's indeed NOT my fault that my counselor should have been doing a better job. Now im being penalized for HER mistake.