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What kind of job can I do as a self-employed in CA that will not required license?

Los Angeles, CA |

I used to work as an elderly helper (cook, clean and bathe) oversea but I don't know if I can do that here in CA without a license. It will really help if I can know what else can I do as a self-employed in CA that will not required license. I am desperately need to make a living. Thank you.

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There are too many jobs that require certifications, such as Home Health Aide, to list them here board. You might want to look for a job through an agency that will place you in a position suited to your credentials.

Please see the link below.

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There are numerous professions in California that require a license. One way to narrow it down is to go to the California Governor's Website for Economic Development. You can search for other professions which may match your skill set. I have included a link below to start you on your search.

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