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What kind of information my sued Auto Insurance can get from my employer?

Troy, MI |

Made accident and went on sick leave for around 5 months I found out when I requested my employee file that the auto insurance company requested information because I made Auto Lawsuit

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If I understand your question correctly, if you are making a personal injury claim the insurance company representing the party you are suing can request you employment records and personnel file. Unless you get a court order limiting the information they can get, they could get the entire file.


I think what you are saying is that you made a claim for lost wages and your insurance company wants employment records. If you sign a release then they can get your records. They need records to pay the wage loss. If you are in an actual lawsuit, then these records can be obtained thru discovery. They are relevant to the case. Best of Luck!


In a no fault claim for your lost wages, the insurer obtains at the very least a lost wage verification and potentially more employment records in order to calculate the lost wage benefit. If you're talking about the third party suit against the at fault driver then discovery allows for production of records even if not directly relevant, but only reasonably calculated to lead to discovery of material that may be admissible at trial. You would never do this without your own experienced personal injury attorney. Here are the basics of discovery: BLUE LINK BELOW

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