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What kind of expenses can be considered for a child support to be calculated..state of. Colorado

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I am not sure exactly what you are asking. Work-related child care expenses, education-related child care expenses, extraordinary expenses, and medical premiums for the benefit of the children are normally the typical ones. What are you seeking to include as expenses? Most of it is set out in the Colorado Revised Statutes as far as what can and can not be included.

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Colorado child support calculations have less to do with expenses and more to do with the incomes of both parents, whether they have other children to support, whether they pay maintenance to a former spouse, and what the overnight parenting plan is for the children. In addition to the day care expenses noted by Mr. Leroi, you are also supposed to add the actual cost of the health insurance premiums paid for the children's coverage (not the portion paid to cover the parent). 'Extraordinary expenses" mentioned in the statute are transportation costs incurred to exercise parenting time (where there is a large distance between the parents and the children are either flying or one parent is doing all the driving for parenting time exchanges) and, in rare cases and only under limited circumstances, the cost of private school for the children.


To understand what factors are considered by the Courts when it comes to a child support calculation, you simply need to look at the worksheet that the Court relies upon when calculating the obligation.

Use the link below to get to the worksheet. If the data to be included is confusing to you, consult with an experienced family law attorney for proper guidance.

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