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What kind of documents / evidence need to show at the POE of CBP ( USA ) for B - 2 visitor visa ?

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If I don't have return ticket to show when I enter the POE with visitor visa , what kind of documents I need to show to make the officer believe I will leave USA in the future . I can buy a round trip ticket as evidence but I can cancel it later on . The round trip ticket doesn't provide enough evidence to show the POE of CBP , I will leave in the future . And I believe they know that . So what kind of documents / evidence I need to bring with me ? And how to answer the question " How long do I want to stay ? " When they ask me the question ? Do all of US POE of CBP ask visitor visa holders need to have round trip tickets even no such requirement in US CIS ? Or just general conman sense of CBP ? Thank in advance .

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there are no specific documents you can present, typically people don't present any
you do have to indicate where you will be staying and the CBP officer will ask you questions regarding the purpose of your trip. If they suspect something, they will ask you more questions and secondary inspection is always a possibility

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Evidence of the purpose of the trip. Not having a return ticket is likely to be a red flag.

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The customs officer will ask you certain questions, stamp your passport, and give you the I-94 counter slip. You are legally allowed to stay in the U.S. till the date printed on your I-94 and the date printed on the visa.

Under the US-VISIT program system, the Immigration Officer will click your digital photo and take your digital fingerprint. You should expect questions related to your length of stay and your place of residence. You may be asked questions such as "Why you want to stay in U.S. for 3 months? Or why do you want to stay for 6 months?

When answering questions the best policy is to answer truthfully. Finally, in addition to the documents mentioned in this thread it’s always advisable to have a hotel reservation, car rental, itinerary of your trip, or the address and contact info of the family/friend’s that you intent to visit.

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