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What kind of case would this be? How much would an attorney cost? And everything else that you can tell me about this case. HELP

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A friend of mine's wife and daughter just had heart surgery so money was tight with him and he worked at a gas station, one day i guess he had just lost it and at work he printed out over 2500 dollars worth of lottery tickets, but after they printed he ripped all of it and threw it away. After that i guess he got scared to tell his boss so he hid it from him and the boss found out. The boss then filed a police complaint, when the police came to his house when he wasn't home o the family went to his boss and asked him and they found out and after talking for a while the boss agreed to withdraw but the police didn't agree so they arrested him and he was interrogated last night, he doesn't know english very much and the police didn't give him a interpreter. He has a pre-court date today. HELP

Yeah so we bailed him out today and he does have a green card. We are still looking for a attorney for him not one given to him by the court because i have heard that they are horrible. So any other help would be awesome and we found out that he is being charged with 2 embezzlement felonies so still help

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You friend needs to contact a criminal defense attorney. He'll have a court appearance today and likely be released to find an attorney.

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If he does not have funds to retain an attorney, he can request court appointed counsel. His family should reach out to a local attorney in case he does not get bond. One issue I would point out, however, is I'm concerned he may have immigration issues. That could complicate the bond circumstances. Particularly, if he does not have proper status in the US and obtains bond, he may have an ICE detainer on him. If he then posts bond, ICE will take him into custody.

Tell the family to contact someone immediately.

James Abrenio

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Hiring a criminal defense attorney for your friend is the best thing you can do for him. Raising whatever restitution is needed might become necessary. Who knows if the tickets can be voided or if they represent a loss to the owner. But first, an attorney.

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