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What kind of attorney is best to deal with Social Security, NOT for disability, but identity issues, it's causing a hardship!?

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My age and name are incorrect, I have brought tons of proof, They say theres a microfish with a different age and parents name they found from 20 years ago, I've been unable to renew my drivers license, work cards, or travel. They have taken 18 months and still are claiming its not me, I've had my job 21 years, same social security number, I'm 41 and feel I need an attorney to help me with this but unsure of what speciality.

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Wow! This is a tough one!

You may want to call your local congressman's office and ask for assistance with your problem. This is exactly the type of problem that she or he can help you resolve.

If you still want to hire an attorney, I would probably find an attorney who specializes in SSI or SSDI, not because you have a disability claim but rather because the attorney should be more familiar with the Social Security regulations and get you a quicker resolution.

Please let me know how you ultimately resolve your problem. Good luck!

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I agree with Ms. Weinberg about calling your congressman. However, I believe you will have trouble finding an attorney who specializes in Social Security disability matters to help you. Attorneys who do that type of law generally stay in a specific area such as disability questions and if you insist on consulting an attorney, you may find it easier to hire an attorney who does a general practice or administrative law.

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I think you will need an administrative law attorney, hopefully one specializing in federal government issues. in addition, you may also want to consult with an immigration attorney - again not for immigration per se', but because they often deal with proving birth, identification, etc. issues before federal agencies.

Search here on Avvo, contact your local or state bar association, the Legal Aid Services organization or check with the American Immigration Lawyers Association at

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