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What kind of assistance or law can assist me in relation to buying aused car in Oregon. I somehow bought a rust bucket.

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I just bought a 2005 Toyota Sequoia from a used car dealer in Gladstone , Oregon and they've told me that everything s good with the said vehicle. After driving it around for over 2 weeks somehow , I started hearing loud rough squeeking noise every morning during cold starts and when I took it to our local Service shop for a first time Service & Lube job our mechanic found severe rust & corrosion on the engine block, front & rear Suspension & Steering system, Exhaust system, rear driveshaft, front & rear axle differential housing. Most of the bolts holding the chasis frame and exhaust system are pretty much rusted out and when you plan to unbolt them tend to break apart . Thanks ! looking forward for your assistance.

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Consult with a consumer protection attorney. For a list of well qualified consumer protection attorneys in your area, see the National Association of Consumer Advocates' webpage at Best of luck.

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This will depend on the OR lemon laws, your warranty, promises made and your paperwork. Best to contact a local (OR) consumer attorney asap. The best website for this was already provided.


You need to consult an attorney in your area. You may want to discuss with him your rights under OR's revocation of acceptance statute. You will have to show that the problem significantly affects the value of the vehicle and that you have asked for your money back within a reasonable period of time. You should not delay in asking for your money back. You should also send a certified letter asking for your money back. The lawyer you talk to should be able to help you find the Uniform Commercial Code section 2-608 dealing with this issue. The facts need to be looked at by an experienced attorney to determine whether you can use this statute.

Another avenue is to investigate the matter for fraud. A vehicle like what you describe may have had a hard life. The dealer may have known it. He should have told you about problems with the vehicle. You may want to call Danielle Beauvais in Hillsboro 971.223.6176 for some help. Good luck

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