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What it I do not pay a settlement for a penal code 490.5 charge for my minor son.

Whittier, CA |

Hi my son shoplifted some candy from walmart in Los Angeles County, CA. His charge is penal code 490.5 (f on the citation). I have to take him to court next week. I got a letter today in the mail for a settlement offer from Walmart attorneys. As his parent who is unemployed at the moment what happens if I do not pay this? Will it go against me or my son? As the parent I know I am responsible for him but do I have to pay this or can it go against him since he is out of control? He is 16 years old. Thank you.

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You do NOT have to pay the fine.

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Do not pay.

Andrew Roberts


You don't have to pay any amounts that Walgreen's seeks to collect. If the Court imposes a fine you can work out a payment plan but what you have received from Walgreen's is not court ordered.