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What issues do i need to bring up with the fcs mediator? the ex is dating a convicted felon and exposing our toddler to danger

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the ex is dating a person that was convicted of a felony, charged with multiple others, and served time in jail. the ex brings this person around our toddler and says that they know about the person's past, but does not seem to care. the felony was for domestic violence and there are 2 convictions. the other felonies charges were for false imprisonment and intimidation of a witness. They have also had a drug overdose.
do i need an attorney to do something? i have mediation set for december, but it's my understanding an attny can't be present. i want to bring this up with the mediator to bar this person from being around my child. what are my options?

I am ready to "take the gloves off". We have a custody hearing shortly after mediation, I do all of the arrest records, court cases numbers, etc., as well as other restraining order information on the felon. I just need to know how to present it to the mediator to get the Court's attn. The ex. has stated this happened in the past (more than 5 years ago) and doesn't reflect who this person is now. I obviously do not want my child around this person, is it likely a Judge will side with me?

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Let me ask you something. If your Ex agreed at mediation that he/she would not longer date the felon or bring him around your child, would you trust him to keep his promise? I didn't think so.

So mediation is not going to solve your problem, is it? What you need to do is take the gloves off and fight it out before a judge. You need to get full custody and get your Ex to have only supervised visitation. Not only is drug use around the child terribly harmful to him/her, but so it witnessing domestic violence and the peculiar dynamics that go with it. (Scared, immediate compliance with all the abuser's orders is also harmful to a child, who is learning how men and women relate to each other).

In my view you are just going to be going through the motions at the mediation, but in the meanwhile you should be gathering proof of your points about them, even if it requires investigator surveillance.

You definitely need an attorney to fight this out. The alternative is to accept that your son will learn to abuse women or your daughter will learn to admire men who do it.

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