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What is your prediction of the F2A visa bulletin in the coming months.

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they always will advance very slowly or they will go faster.
It's very complicated for me to understand

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The Department of State uses a secret mathematical formula for visa allocation; it is considered so secret that a suit filed in Federal court years ago to have the formula released was denied. Because of that, anything stated here is merely a guess.

That being said, the F2A date has moved approximately 4 weeks for each month during the past few months, so that rate looks steady for now. Of course, heavy demand in that category can cause the DOS to slow down the forward movement. There really is no way to know for certain until the DOS releases the numbers.

Sorry, we're lawyers, not psychics!

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Sometimes priority dates move forward quickly, sometimes slowly, sometimes not at all, and sometimes backwards. Recently, the dates in the F2A category have been moving forward slowly, and there is no reason to think this will change anytime soon. But we've been surprised before, so the only thing to do is to keep monitoring the Visa Bulletin every month.


My prediction is that a visa bulletin will be issued and that the priority dates on it will either advance, retrogress, stall, or become available.

I do not know whether you are the same person who has been asking these questions all week. The fact is the movement of priority dates CANNOT be predicted.

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While the US Department of State gives no information as far as how long it will take for the categories' priority dates to be reached, there is some hope for it advancing. The House of Representatives passed legislation to do away with the per country limitations on visa issuance. If it is to pass the Senate, this will mean that people from countries such as Mexico, India, Philippines, and China will potentially experience a much shorter waiting time for their visas to become available.

Gabriel D. Jack
Attorney at Law