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What is Unfair Trade Practice,and how do I know if I have a lawsuit?

O Fallon, IL |

seeing if I have a lawsuit. The company violated their contract with us and no proper notice and
canceled a 20 year contract .

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You may have a contract case. Take all the papers to your lawyer for a review asap. Time limits so apply.


Generally an Unfair Trade practices case requires more than just a breach of contract. You may have a breach of contract case, but unless there was some fraud, deception, misappropriation or other dishonest or unfair practice in addition to breaching the terms of the contract it is unlikely that you can sue for unfair trade practices. These matters are very dependant on the particular facts and you should consult an attorney.


The very limited facts you have provided lead me to believe that you may have a breach of contract case. You should contact a lawyer and ask for a consultation so he can review the contract and facts of the case.

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