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What is typical spousal maintenance amt. and duration with wide disparity in income?

Vancouver, WA |

Petitioner is 65, semi retired, $25k income, and $20k separate property.

Respondent is 54; health care executive earning $180k + per year. Respondent's separate property is:
1- large vacation home in Hood River worth $450k, non-encumbered. (income generating)
2 - $550k in deceased father's trust available on retirement.
3 - $350k residence with $100k mortgage.
4 - $350k in PERS retirement.
5 - Sole heir to step father who has lived with us for 4 years. Net worth around $5Mill. (all liquid)

7+ year relationship, 5 1/2 year marriage.

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Courts have the authority (and wide discretion) to issue maintenance orders "in such amounts and for such periods of time as the court deems just, without regard to misconduct, after considering all relevant factors...." You can ponder the factors at RCW 26.09.090 (
You really need a lawyer.

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