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What is this IL law 720 ILCS 5 12-3 [930000]? Why would there be no bond? What is the [930000]?

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The statute refers to battery. 93000 might be an administrative number. The reason there was no bond probably is a result of the nature of the charges and/or the record of the defendant.


The statute you cite is the offense of battery which is a Class A misdemenaor, punishable by anywhere from court supervision to one year in jail. It is illegal to be held without bail for such a charge, unless the defendant was already on bail (or parole) for another offense when he/she allegedly comitted the battery. I do not know where you are getting the 930000; perhaps it is an inmate number, but it is not part of the charges. An experienced criminal defense attorney should be consulted immediately. Most of us provide the initial consultation at no cost and will consult with a family member or friend if the defendant is locked up.


720 ILCS 5/ 12-3 is the statutory reference for the offense of battery. I'm not sure what the 9300000 refers to. Battery is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in a county jail. A defendant charged with a misdemeanor is entitled to bail. However, there may be detainers, or "holds", put on a defendant by a secondary authority (such as parole, or outstanding criminal charges in another jurisdiction) which basically means that even if the defendant posted bail, s/he is still not getting out because of the hold by the other authority.

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