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What is the youngest age a child can enter into the juvenile court system in Washington State?

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Its been brought to my attention that my 5 year old daughter is being touched inappropriately by her two half brothers ages 11 and 8/9. Furthermore, when I reported suspensions to CPS two days prior to my daughter telling me of the events they dismissed the report without an investigation to include a hospital visit and dr. report. I feel as though the system has failed me.

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Call the police and file a report immediately.

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Contact law enforcement now.


A child of any age can enter the juvenile court system, but the law presumes that a child under 12 does not have enough mental capacity to be guilty or a crime. The presumption can be overcome with evidence the child knew what he was doing and knew it was wrong.


RCW 9A.04.050 states that children under the age of 8 are incapable of committing a crime. Between 8 and under 12 they are presumed incapable but that presumption can be rebutted in a hearing.